giovedì 13 agosto 2009


Guest: sorry yesterday put ticket for breakfast in room outside door but room service don't bring me breakfast!!!
Concierge: I'm sorry sir. at what have you put the ticket outside the door? (usare qualche articolo ogni tanto?!?!)
G: around this time... on ticket breakfast in room is until 11:00 but I wrote 12:00.
C: ehhhh... (ti devo pure rispondere?)
G: I talk also with restaurant at 12:00 but no one bring me breakfast!!!
C: Sorry Sir but at that time it's lunch time not breakfast time! (vuoi risparmiare i soldi del pranzo, tirchio!)
G: so I can't have breakfast at 12:00?
C: No Sir, breakfast finish at 11:00, at 12:30 you can have lunch if you want...

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