sabato 22 agosto 2009

Restaurant part 2

Guest: can you suggest me a restaurant?
Concierge: yes sir, which kind of restaurant?
G: italian food, something with a garden or terrace...
C: sure, so I can suggest ######, it's just near the hotel, excellent food and not expensive.
G: (tirando fuori una lista di ristoranti) what about ####, is it good?
C: yes it's good but they don't have any terrace or garden... (cosa cavolo me lo chiedi se hai una lista di mille ristoranti?!?!?)
G: and this one?
C: this is not a restaurant, it's a pub where you can have some food (ignorante)
G: but the guide book say that it's a restaurant!!!
C: so maybe I'm in mistake. (ma sai dove te la puoi mettere la tua guida?!?!?)
G: do you have room service? I'm tired and I think I'll eat in the room.
C: sure sir, call 987 from your room (e grazie per avermi fatto perdere del tempo!)

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