lunedì 17 agosto 2009

Special discount...

Guest: do you have a room?
Receptionist: yes sir, how many people and how many nights?
G: me and my wife just one night
R: the room is available and the rate is Euro xxx.00
G: special discount for indian people?
R: ehhhh (in che senso?)
G: you know we are 1 billion persons in india so you should have a special discount for indian peolple!!!
R: I'm sorry but this is our best available rate (non l'ho capita la storia dello sconto)
G: breakfast is included?
R: yes sir taxes and breakfast are included.
G: ok I'll take it
R:... (menomale se no stasera non sarei riuscito ad addormentarmi al pensiero che non ti ho fatto lo sconto per gli indiani!)

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